RANDOM THOUGHT –  WRITER’S BLOCK – When your imaginary friends won’t talk to you.

J. Lee encourages Cindy’s fans to contact her at

Did you like the “blowed up turkey” scene in Slay Bells?

What traits do you most admire about Cindy?

Vote for your favorite? Ty or Dane?

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  1. Judy, read your latest book on Kindle – have to say it’s amazing. Good job! You just keep getting better & better. I enjoyed the previous two, but the latest is by far the best. I really liked how you fleshed out the backstory on Cindy, it made her more of a real person and gave depth to her character. Very descriptive settings, seemed like a real place. Keep up the good work, and the’re might be a *Tuna Casserole*’ in your future. Herb

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